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ICCRC Exam Update: Big changes in the Quebec immigration program!

ICCRC Exam Update: Big changes in the Quebec immigration program!

Other big changes coming to Quebec immigration!


ICCRC Full Skills Exam Sample Question #1 – Answer and analysis from www.fullskillsexamprep.com

A few of you have asked us to provide answers to the ICCRC practice questions, so we have made a series of 10 videos explaining each answer in detail.

This first question is about the judicial review process for rejected PR applicants.

From the whole team here at http://www.fullskillsexamprep.com, thank you for letting us helkp you pass your ICCRC Full Skills Exam!

We look forward to welcoming you as colleagues in the ICCRC!


How Elise passed her ICCRC Full Skills Exam with www.fullskillsexamprep.com

Another happy customer! Be sure to pass your ICCRC Full Skills Exam on the first try with http://www.fullskillsexamprep.com!

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Big changes the the Temporary Foreign Worker Program!!!

Big changes the the Temporary Foreign Worker Program!!!

There have been a lot of changes to the TFW program that you will need to be aware of for your upcoming ICCRC Full Skills Exam, which you can read here: http://www.hrsdc.gc.ca/eng/jobs/foreign_workers/changes.shtml

Be sure to order our books from http://www.fullskillsexamprep.com to make sure you are 100% prepared to pass the exam on your first try!!!

MICC Membership!


A big congratulations to our own Lizzeth Ruiz for passing her MICC exam!

Remember that if you are going to help people immigrate to Quebec, you need to be a member of MICC!


Our Free ICCRC Exam Preparation Course – New DCO free sample question #1

This is a question to help simulate what will be on your upcoming ICCRC Full Skills Exam.

Try to find the answer to the question by your self before looking at the answer and analysis!

We are always here to help and yes, all of our books available at http://www.fullskillsexamprep.com have been updated to include these changes!

Best wishes,


Our Free ICCRC Full Skills Exam Prep Course: Will defunct categories be on the ICCRC Full Skills Exam?

If you are going to take the ICCRC Full Skills Exam to be a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and member of the ICCRC, these are interesting times. There have been more changes in Canada’s immigration law recently than ever before, so a lot of you have been wondering about what this means for your exam.

Basically, the ICCRC will still include the Federal Skilled Worker as well as the Entrepreneur category in your exam. Sometimes the questions will be started with a sentence like ‘Assuming the Federal Skilled Worker category is still open,…’ but other times the question will make it sound like the category is still open.

The rationale behind this is probably to force you to know the difference between the defunct and new categories so that you can adequately represent your clients if they ask you questions regarding the old Entrepreneur or Federal Skilled Worker streams.

So study up on these subjects, as well as the new ones, since this will help you prepare for any curveballs they might throw your way!

Our preparation booklets have been updated to reflect these changes and we’re always here to help!

Best wishes,



Our Free ICCRC Exam Preparation Course – Designated Country of Origin updates with ICCRC exam

With all of the updates in immigration, you might be feeling overwhelmed.

Don’t worry – we’re here to help!

The list of Designated Countries of Origin was just changed on February 15th, 2013, so this video will give you a short explanation of this and how it will affect your ICCRC exam.

Next week, we will take a look at a sample question with this in order to really help you see how this will be given on your exam.

Remember to visit our website at http://www.fullskillsexamprep.com where we offer preparation books so you can conquer the ICCRC exam!

Our Free ICCRC Exam Preparation Course – Federal Skilled Trades Program Free Sample Question 1!

Here is a sample question for the new Federal Skilled Trades Category.

Come visit our website at http://www.fullskillsexamprep.com where you can order 300 practice questions to help you prepare for your ICCRC Full Skills Exam!


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